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Bankruptcy Practice

SULLIVAN · HAZELTINE · ALLINSON LLC is a boutique law firm dedicated to serving our clients’ business litigation needs for 14 years.  Our core practice is representing clients in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases pending in the District of Delaware. 

We provide experienced representation in large and small cases, working with clients and co-counsel to provide efficient and cost-effective resolutions to the wide range of problems that arise in Chapter 11 cases.  The firm also handles business and commercial litigation in Delaware’s Court of Chancery and Superior Court.

The firm’s practice is a mix of lead counsel and local counsel representations.  Current rates are $350 to $475 per hour for partners, $150 per hour for paralegals.  A sample of recent clients includes:

Lead counsel matters

Adams Resources Exploration – Bankruptcy counsel to chapter 11 Debtor in 363 sale case

Pacific Energy – Bankruptcy counsel to successful purchaser in 363 sale case

Garnet Bio Therapeutics, Inc. – Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 11 Debtor in reorganization case

Byers Electrical Construction – Counsel to Creditors’ Committee in Chapter 11 reorganization case

Coach America, Inc. – Bankruptcy counsel to ad hoc group of tort claimants successfully preserving insurance rights

NexPak Corporation— Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 11 Debtor in 363 sale case

Moll Industries – Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 11 Debtor in 363 sale case

Bio-Fuels – Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 7 Trustee

Catholic Diocese of Wilmington– Bankruptcy counsel to religious organizations for negotiated Chapter 11 settlement plan

Sports Authority–Bankruptcy counsel to Denver Broncos for re-purchase of stadium naming rights

WP Steel—counsel to buyer of former Bethlehem Steel Plant

Delaware counsel matters

Digital Domain – Counsel to Creditors’ Committee

Allied Systems Holdings – Creditors’ Committee

Boomerang Technology – Bankruptcy Counsel to DIP Lender

Washington Mutual – Counsel to Equity Committee

Vector Launch — Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 11 Debtor

Augustus Resources –Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 11Debtor

Extreme Plastics Plus –Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 11 Debtor

Tribune – Bankruptcy counsel to Wilmington Trust, as Indenture Trustee

WR Grace – Bankruptcy counsel to ZAI Property Damage Committee

Idleaire Technologies Corporation – Bankruptcy counsel to Chapter 11 Debtor

Finova – Bankruptcy counsel to post-confirmation Equity Committee

Teton Energy – Bankruptcy counsel to Plan Sponsor